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The Forumer Portrait Thread (Back from the Dead!)

crawdaddiocrawdaddio Tacoma, WARegistered User, ClubPA
edited April 2009 in Artist's Corner
There's a lot more where this came from if you go to the dance with me...


Seriously, though; long story short, I figured I'd see if it'd be a viable idea to try and resurrect the old 'Draw a Forumer' thread, if only because I could use things to draw. We'll see if it works. Anyway, the rules as I remember them:
  • Try to draw a forumer before posting a picture to be drawn; the drawing's what the thread's about.
  • When possible, consider the ramifications of the quality of pictures you submit to be drawn--flash that flattens out the face, or really bad cellphone pictures aren't often easy or particularly interesting to render on paper.
  • On the flip side, if you've got pictures with interesting angles, or with a lot of personality, those are fun to try to capture (especially for those who opt for caricatures).
  • Don't worry about drawing masterpieces; aside from the fun aspect, this thread is about practicing, be it practicing facial proportions, rendering techniques, stylization, or whatever else you feel like experimenting with.
  • Any medium is welcome; if you're a clay kind of person, that'd be a pretty awesome portrait to see; likewise with CG, oil paint, construction paper, legos, or whatever you want to try.
Anyway, in the spirit of the thread, I've started off with a picture of beavotron from her website (and my sincerest apologies for that, beav; you really didn't deserve that), and, despite my better judgement, I submit my ugly mug:


Here's hoping this works!

crawdaddio on
Try putting your donger in a dishwasher and see how that comes out.


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