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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Horrible Stuff That You Have Done", by ElJeffe

TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosiRegistered User regular
edited February 2009 in [2008-2012] Awesome Posts?
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ElJeffe brings the decibel wars to a whole new level.
Forum: Debate and Discourse
Post: Horrible Stuff That You Have Done
Posted by: ElJeffe

Original Content:
Last night I was parked at a stop-light when I heard the four horsemen of the apocalypse thundering up the road behind me. I turned my head and found it was actually just some doof in a lowered, hydraulic-ed, ugly, green car. Windows down, blasting some shitty hip-hop at crazy volume. Throb-throb-throb, and Jesus fuck was it annoying.

I left that light - little faster than strictly necessary, trying to evade the cosmic noise-fest in the adjacent lane - and hit the next one. Boom--chukka-boom-boom, here comes the Green Noise Machine once more. And so in one of my less mature moments, I grabbed a CD, popped it in my CD player, rolled down the windows, and cranked my own stereo up to 11.

It was a Wiggles CD

I forced everyone within probably a quarter-mile radius to listen to TOOT TOOT CHUGGA CHUGGA BIG RED CAR. I think my own ears started bleeding. And the gentleman in the offending car was none too pleased; he flipped me off.

And my ears hurt for awhile.

But I am unrepentant.

Tofystedeth on


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