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A.P. Webcomics II

GoatmonGoatmon AHOY!I'M ADMIRAL ZHAO!Registered User regular
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Here we go again.
Webcomics aren't all friendly. Some are positively traumatizing. This handy guide should steer you past the peril and reduce scarring to the retinas:


The Adventures of Dr. Mcninja
The ongoing adventures of a doctor who also happens to be a ninja named Dr. Mcninja, and the colorful characters that surround him. The good doctor fights crime and rare diseases, breaks windows and is loved by everyone but Teefs. The art is good and constantly improving, and the wacky premise delivers lotsa laffs.
NSFW: probably not

Daily Dinos
Hey, it's T-rex! Is ... is he stepping on that little woman again!? So the art never changes, it’s the same panels each time... But it’s a genuinely funny, intelligent comic and you could lose your youth wading through it’s gargantuan archives.
NSFW: probably not

That one mathy comic
XKCD . . . honestly, the new ones are disappointing, but the older ones are worth a look. Its generally a conglomeration of science/math/programming based comedy, with some romance (ugh) tossed in. It can either be funny or slightly pathetic. In order to even comprehend the lingo round these here parts though, at least a glance is required.
Penguin Edit: There is basically nothing that needs to be appreciated about XKCD. It's stick figures talking about math and the main nerd's girlfriend. And yes, it is exactly that lame.
NSFW: the relationship comics are offensive to everyone

A journal comic about Jeffrey Rowland's life; no really. If his life is actually populated by zombie cats, vampicorns, time travel and disenchanted druggies named Weedmaster P, than Jeff is the luckiest guy around. The art may not be the best, but it is colorful and the photography backgrounds are oddly insightful and charming. Certified funny, it gets my stamp of approval.
NSFW: Not really, but not recommended office reading.

A non-linear barrage of cross-hatched delight, wherein current events, technologies and mindsets find themselves transported to the 19th century. Wry and witty, it is all the more charming with it's exquisite vintage newspaper art clippings.
NSFW: family fun

Rob and Elliot
Somewhat cliche; the adventures of two roommates, one tightlaced the other crazy. It can be hit or miss, but there are gems among the archives.
NSFW: nope

Classy Photoshop comic about a surly lady superhero. For a comic about a super heroine there is very little super-happenin’s. But that’s the point, and even the most seemingly mundane aspects of life are given a comedic twist.
NSFW: no

Cat and Girl
Cat and Girl are a mismatched pair, bumbling through life mired in debt and questioning societal mores and current ethics. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you can appreciate the humor, there is plenty to enjoy.
NSFW: no

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Gargantuan archives filled with lots of fluff that isn’t particularly pretty, but if you dig around you will find strips that make the search worth it. Updates daily which is kind of nice.
NSFW: at times, so not reccomended for school or work

Kate Beaton
Even the most boring historical figures are made funny with Kate Beaton's whimsical prose and enchanting cartooning.
Peng-Edit: Here's the gal's Live Journal.
PS: Knob doesn't dig this comic. Not at all.
NSFW: no

A wonderfully drawn, colorful journal comic. None of the events claim to be true in the least, and that is OK. It is funny enough to marry and that is what counts.
Peng-Edit: Here is dude's Live Journal.
NSFW: sometimes

A big fav round these here parts. Like Arrested Development, you have the start from the beginning, but most folks would claim it’s worth it/
Really funny comic, some people don't enjoy it so much, but they are giant faggots. Need to know the characters.
NSFW: sometimes

Beaver and Steve
It's not that great, but I really like it.

White Ninja
Some hate it, some like it.

Yes, I know you don't like it. We can't come to an agreement on whether that yellow is comedy gold or just plain piss.

Not funny per se, it is artsy for art’s sake (yeesh, they are all actual watercolor paintings!). But it’s cute and compelling, about a little girl named Minues who can do anything.
NSFW: no

Bee Power
By the same guy that brought you Horribleville, so you know you would cheat on your spouse with it. It's over, but read the archives, you wont regret it.

Schlock mercenary
I don't think this has ever really been posted or discussed here. I kind of enjoy it, but it is mostly from the dark days when I read many, many webcomics, most of them terrible. The art is not very good, the writing is decent. I am mostly still reading it because it has a storyline I got stuck reading over a year ago.

Rice boy
Simply amazing comic. The art is pretty good and the story is just fantastic.

A Simply Apology
Currently not updating, but will return soon.

MS Paint Adventures
Is this a comic? Fuck if I know, but it's funny.
NSFW: perhaps

Journal comic with no real focus on humor, but it keeps me coming back.
NSFW: occasionally

The art (while really good) takes getting used to, and the premise is familiar, but you can’t ignore a well written, genuinely funny comic when you see it.
Penguin Edit: Fanboys looks like a Hieronymous Bosche painting of a child molester's soul. It's creepy and weird, and worse yet, it isn't even all that funny.
NSFW: sometimes

A somewhat odd style, and somewhat hit and miss, but you can expect (in the least) for it to make you smile.
NSFW: yes

Scary Go Round
English whimsy meets British gloom.

Octopus Pie
Life in New York, navigating through hipsters, stoners, vegans, hippies, and semi-professional competitive ice-skating.

Sam and Fuzzy
Extremely complicated humorous conspiracies involving ninjas, evil record producers, and and inexplicably animated teddy bear.

Order of the Stick
The best D&D fanfiction probably ever.

Gunnerkrigg Court
A fantasy comic centering on Antimony, a young girl left at a boarding school with it's fair share of secrets. It's hard to pigeonhole it, but I can't think of anyone that doesn't like it.

Perry Bible Fellowship
It's over but still hilarious.

Dresden Codak
Great eye-candy but sometimes scattered and hard to follow (like your mom).
Penguin Edit: Dresden Codak is basically a long-form thesis of a machine fetishist. It's pretty good looking, but about as smart as a sophomore that just saw Donnie Darko.

A Lesson Is Learned, But The Damage Is Irreversible
It's been on hiatus forever, but the archives are required reading.

The Abominable Charles Christopher So it turns out Yeti’s a cute and quite comedic.
Penguin Edit: This comic is a delight. It reminds me of Bone for some reason.


Very interesting, deep, almost meta-comic.

The Journal Comic

Drew Weing just draws some comics about his life.


This dude takes the subject lines of spam emails, and then makes a 1 panel comic from them. Works best if you just stay on the main page, where you can see the title, then click the link to the comic.

'A collective dream journal' - basically people send this lady their dreams, and she puts them in comic form. (actually this one still updates, it's just real slow)

It sucks but someone asked.
Penguin Edit: Jerkcity is basically like Voldemort or Candyman. Mentioning it just gives it power. The best we can do is never speak of the comic, otherwise it's going to get posted eight hundred times in a row.

Anders Loves Maria
It's yet another relationship comic, but it's got more to do with actual relationships than your usual self-insertion "I'm such a nice guy why don't women want me oh wait now they do" webcomic dickbaggery. Large chunks of it are charmingly/incomprehensibly Swedish. Also, it's got quite a few instances of characters appearing in the altogether, so that's a bit out of the ordinary. Probably shouldn't read it at work/It's a fairly well done comic, with good art and well-written characters.

Girl Genius
One of those really long-term comics with a storyline that keeps going and going and going, but it's entertaining steampunk and updates regularly three times a week.
Penguin Edit: Apparently there's people that pay for the print version of this comic. More power to 'em. . . I guess.

First off, it is not furry, even if all the characters are cats. They just happen to be rumrunning Jazz-age felines, and let me tell ya: it's the absolute berries. Great dialogue, fantastic art, wicked humor and all around wonderful writing - it's the cat's meow.
Penguin Edit: "Dur dur dey ain't furries! Durrrrr!" This is a great comic. Great looking and it's real funny. And if you won't read it because you're hung up on furries, you're missing out. You're also probably a tool. Though, odds are you're more clever than the dozen people that mention "furries" every time this comic is posted.
NSFW: nope

Lucid TV
Forget Scrubs, doctors have taken over the internets and they are way funnier. The art is crisp and slightly retro and it's all around excellent read.
Penguin Edit: Lucid TV's LJ.
PS: The dude loves Blood Meridian.
NSFW: no

Bear and Kitten
It's about a bear and a kitten named Bear and Kitten. They are the bestest of friends and have all sorts of adorable, slightly not safe for work adventures that include being eaten by snakes and getting stuck up trees. Sounds cute? It is, and it's also really funny.
NSFW: You might think otherwise, but it is.

[URL="http://captainexcelsior/"]Captain Excelsior[/URL]
Written by the Saturday Cereal Zach, drawn by Chris of Grumps, it's the ongoing life and times of Captain Excelsior and his less than normal family.

It is funny in a slightly morbid sort of way, the humor dependent on the situation more than much else. It's heartily recommended however.

Idiot Comics
It is a comic about a man. It is illustrated and put on the internet for consumption. I'd like to mention more about it, but we just found it today and I'll be goddamned if I'm going to read more about it.

Patches is a strange little webcomic about two gophers that is apparently drawn on the paper bags you get for your groceries. It's an absurd little comic that isn't always funny, but it's always kind of adorable. Or something.

Freak Angels.

I haven't been following this comic too well, but I do know that since it's written by comic impresario Warren Ellis, it's guaranteed to be . . . absolutely batshit insane. In a good way, mind you.

A Softer World
A Softer world can’t be described too well. It is always a series of 3 panels, fuzzy, off center photographs – and text runs across them. The humor doesn’t follow punchlines but grabs you with it’s dry wit.
NSFW: sometimes (text-wise)

Sugarbouka Shorts
Dont' expect updates. This is just some light reading, short comic stories and all. Telling you what they are about sort of ruins them, so I suggest you take a look (It'll take you less than two minutes anyway).

Thanks Vann, Damascus!

Also here's a comic about pancakes, and the devil children who love them.
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