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Kittens 2: Cute Harder *UPDATED OP WITH PICS*

FallingmanFallingman Registered User regular
edited April 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
Thanks for all the help chaps and chappettes.

Sunday morning, my fiancé and I went to the SPCA. She got quite emotional with an older cat because she knew what was in store for him. So, a few tears and mascara runs later, we stumbled upon these two chaps.

Names kind of happened more organically than I thought - many were thrown out because they didnt suit the personality... But by the time we got home, we'd settled on:

Jasper - Black and White Tabby
Monty (Montgomery) - Dark Brown

Now, to make good on my promise. PICS!

JASPER: - Breast Man.



MONTY: - Nice but Dim.



They have a real bromance going on and rough house all day... Then they slept on our bed all night. They didnt even get up to have a play or anything... just enjoyed being there.

It's awesome.


Right. Names.
This weekend, my fiancé and I will travel to the local shelter to adopt a pair of kittens. Originally we were going to get one, but she wants two and I think that they'll be good company for one another. I'll spring the old "OK two" thing at the SPCA for maximum brownie points.

So, that presents me with a problem.
I'm well aware of the "Cat threads require pics" rule. But I have no kittens yet - and we wont let our kitties go nameless while you lot make with the names.

So, I propose a compromise. Below are some pics of kittens. When I get mine, I'll post them.

So now you guys have to make with the names.

Generally, we wouldn't use a name too out there (I'm not allowed 'Chairman Meow') - and we're not too fond of generic cats names like "Fluffy" or "Snowey"

So make the most of this opportunity, and post your suggests!

I promise to update with pickies later.

Fallingman on


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