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So I know I have another thread on the front page and I'm sorry, but I'm sure there are some podcasters out there who could help me.

I'm doing a radio show on my college's radio station on Thursdays and it's turned out pretty popular so not only am I getting some extra shifts, but I'm trying to start documenting/podcasting them (including breaks) so people can listen to them if they can't listen during my time slot.

However, I've never done this before so if you guys have any suggestions or tips or tell me how to do this that'd be great.

Currently I'm recording to a 4GB CF card and I dunno how much that helps you guys... but someone was saying something about capturing it from UStream or another similar service.

Next, I have a blog that I'm just starting, but is there an easier way to distribute these podcasts afterwards?

Thanks in advance.

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