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On Little Miss Sunshine + Dark Comedy



  • ShintoShinto __BANNED USERS
    edited January 2007
    Yar wrote:
    The similarities to Vacation were obvious from the very beginning. Going into the DVD knowing absolutely nothing (except that Carrell was in it), wife and I both started calling it "Vacation" immediately. While I myself am a big NPR fan, I agree with the quote. It was falsetto-high-brow Vacation. That doesn't make it bad, but one ought to be able to recognize and acknowledge it as such, and have some humility about it.

    The fat-suit was also obvious by the end of the movie. That girl's cute tiny face could not possibly have been on that spare tire body, and, more importantly, children don't have love handles. Not even fat children.

    The good thing about the extra endings on the DVD is that one of them was actually the original preferred ending as written, but they screwed up timing and budget and couldn't do it correctly, and so the scene sucks and was removed.

    I didn't care for that ending. I'm glad it was changed.

    The little girl's ending was pretty good too.

    Shinto on
  • AlgrunAlgrun Registered User
    edited January 2007
    I laughed really hard at this movie.

    [spoiler:70dde6c964]When he gets pulled over right after the horn starts flipping out...I could not stop laughing. Something about the sound of the horn. The sound effect guys really nailed that scene. Woo, I'm getting teary just thinking about it.[/spoiler:70dde6c964]

    Algrun on
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