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Why does it keep telling me to download flash

Raziel078Raziel078 Registered User regular
edited September 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
So my brother got a new laptop from his masters program. Its an hp tablet. So he's setting it up with all his stuff on it and one of things he's trying to do is install the software that came with his T-mobile dash onto the computer. He tried to run the disk and it told him that he needs to download flash playerbefore he can do that. So he downloaded flash and tried to run the disk again. It told him he still needed flash. I told him to try a restart. Nothing. It still says to download Flash Player before it will run the disk. Whats going on here? I can watch youtube videos so I know Flash is on here. but for some damn reason the disk refuses to run. WTF is going on. Side note, the computer was first set up by his schools IT department oh and there are some odd files in the c drive they are three of them and they each have a name that is between 18 and 24 hex characters long, what are these

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    JebusUDJebusUD Adventure! Candy IslandRegistered User regular
    edited September 2009
    It probably is looking for a specific version of flash, because whatever it is is badly programed. Try downloading one version older?

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    RandomEngyRandomEngy Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    The software might be using IE controls with flash in them. If you installed Flash from Firefox, it will give you the Firefox version. You may need to install the IE version as well.

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    matt has a problemmatt has a problem Points to 'off' Points to 'on'Registered User regular
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    I have a T-Mobile Dash. The install disc that came with it is total shit. I could never get mine to install. Bot the disc that came with my phone and the one that came with my wife's Dash either refused to play or told us the same, that we needed flash installed (once it told us we needed MS Office installed). Just download Microsoft's ActiveSync if he's running XP or get Mobile Device Center if he's running Vista. The only thing on the disc besides ActiveSync is the Dash manual, which comes with the phone anyway.

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