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Linksys Wireless & Win 7 - Internet connection Issues

Tw4winTw4win Registered User regular
For the love of god, somone help me. I'm at my wits end here...

Just built a new computer running Windows 7. I installed a Linksys wireless G PCI adapter in the machine. The adapter wil connect to my router without issue and I can ping the router without a problem.

The issue is that whenever I try to access a webpage I can't. Essentially it looks like the PC is attempting to resolve the host unsuccessfully. I've tried flushing and registering my DNS and it doesn't solve the problem. I've also given the PC a static IP address.

All other computers on my network can access the internet without issue. This includes another PC, a mac, iphone, PS3, and Xbox360.

Any ideas what may be going wrong? I have a strong wireless signal.

Tw4win on


  • Palmer EldritchPalmer Eldritch Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    After installing Windows 7 on my netbook I had connection problems until I installed the latest drivers for my wireless card. They were for XP (so i had to run em in compatibility mode) but they worked.

    Palmer Eldritch on
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