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The Monkey Den mostly serves the purpose of a place to post bug-reports or feature-requests. It also will be used by me to post announcements or questions that effect the entire forum. A frequent complaint has been that people don't know when somebody was banned, so the mods and I will keep a log of who was banned here in this forum.

While we don't mind some off-topic posting in the threads in here from time-to-time, you will know it is getting excessive when we start deleting posts or locking topics.

This is not the appropriate place to voice concerns about being banned or jailed, or any other personal gripes about the moderation. For something like that, you should PM or email one of us.

If you want to make a topic of general concern regarding the community, the forums, the mods or the admins, feel free. Just try to keep it focused and if you think there is a problem but you don't have any kind of reasonable solution, well then you're probably better off keeping it to yourself.

Because this forum has our names on it, we will make an effort to read every topic and post in here. But we make no promise that we will do so. If you want to be sure we read something you wrote, then send one of us a PM.

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    This is also not the place to make comments about the comic, ask questions about the newspost, and any of that other fun stuff some of you might want to know. Official staff members very rarely read the general forums. If you want to contact them, you will need to fire an email off to the appropriate address.


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    Rogue helicopter?
    Ecoterrorism is actually the single largest terrorist threat at the moment. They don't usually kill people, but they blow up or set on fire very expensive things.
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