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Anti-Virus and Security info

denihilistdenihilist Ancient and MightyRegistered User, Moderator mod
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Starfuck wrote:
Here is my cut and paste for virus threads.

For antivirus NOD32 is the best.

Check it's VB100% record. 23 passes / 3 fails.
It's pricing is comparable to Norton, but for a better product.

Norton. 21 passes / 6 fails.

AVG. 3 passes / 19 fails

Avast is also free, and some people think it's better than AVG.
7 passes / 17 fails

F-Prot is also a good AV. I use the dos based one for pc's behaving badly and won't boot to windows.

Kaspersky is also a very good AV you may want to try.

If you believe you mave have a trojan, try TDS-3 and follow the instructions to manually update the free version. An advantage TDS-3 has over other trojan scanners is it can scan compressed files. No other trojan scanne can do that.

If you think you have a worm try Wormguard.

BoClean is also very good, but there is no free demo.

Lately some viruses and trojans have been compromising AV's by locationg their default directories. A way around this is to install security software in a non-default directory, like C:\Safety, or something.

We should really have a sticky with security stuff in it.

AVG is subpar, but for free, you get what you pay for. Avast is better.

You can try Panda online scanner.

If you must have free, Avast is better than AVG but seriously, when it comes to security software like AV's, you get what you pay for.

You can also get a one year license for free from CA's AV for Free.

Try that out. Better than AVG and Avast.

For firewall, I like Kerio. It's rules based, so you have to set it up, how you want. But Zone Alarm is fine also. If you use Zone Alarm, might as well use Visual Zone too.

The above doesn't take into consideration running a linux or bsd firewall or IDS. It just assumes you are a windows user who likes to be safe.

This is my friends security page. It has some very good links to a lot of good info. It does need some updating, but it's still useful.

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  • BaalKillerBaalKiller Registered User
    edited September 2005
    You may want to recheck the scores, these are pretty dated.

  • KatoKato Registered User
    edited October 2006
    Why is there no notice of Windows Live OneCare? How does it compare to the others?

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