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Your advice - CarPC Planning Time!

1ddqd1ddqd Registered User regular
Ok, so I have talked about this for years, but cash flow has always impeded progress.

However! I am in a unique position now - I have 2 Compaq X6000s and a touchscreen to work with.

The car is a 2010 Mazda i Touring with Bose/Moonroof package. I'll be setting up the laptop to plug into the Aux (single headphone jack) port and controlling it through the touchscreen - on a tether so I can store it out of sight.

The question I have is how should I deal with the PC itself? I want to harvest the screen but keep the lid functional so it can be closed. I was thinking about mounting the laptop under a front seat so that I can easily reach it.

A lot of users seem to put their PCs in the trunk with other audio equipment, but I actually use mine frequently and heavily - is under the seat a decent enough place for it?

I'll be building a little shroud to protect it from things sliding under from in front and behind the seat, just in case (and to keep trash/dirt off of it in heavy use/rain) - I'm just worried about heat.

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