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Car rental - maybe I'm asking too much...

SlungsolowSlungsolow Registered User, ClubPA regular
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I'm taking a road trip this weekend down to South Carolina. I would normally take my own car for a trip like this, but on the way back I'll be taking on passengers which means my tiny car and its lack of cargo space won't do. I've decided that my best course of action is to rent a car/suv/minivan. My question isn't how do I rent a car, I've done that several times. My question is - does anyone know of a car rental agency that offers GPS navigation and or satellite radio.

The GPS would just be nice to have since I'll be driving around in a city and state that I haven't visited in at least 10 years. The satellite radio is so I can listen to the college bowl games while driving (consistent music for 900 miles would also be nice).

I've looked around at site likes hertz and enterprise but I don't see anything related to the options mentioned above. Any information or experience you have related to those add-ons would be nice.

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    wmelonwmelon Registered User regular
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    hertz and budget offer both. though they're kinda expensive to add on. You may have to call the location you're picking up the car from to see if they actually have any on hand though.

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    FeralFeral MEMETICHARIZARD interior crocodile alligator ⇔ ǝɹʇɐǝɥʇ ǝᴉʌoɯ ʇǝloɹʌǝɥɔ ɐ ǝʌᴉɹp ᴉRegistered User regular
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    I've had experiences with the Hertz Neverlost system and its... underwhelming. Problems with signal strength forced me to have to repeatedly recalibrate the device if I was unlucky enough to start my car next to a truck or large building. And since the device doesn't actually turn off (there's an "off" button but it's actually more like a sleep mode) to recalibrate the device you have to pull over, turn the car's ignition off, wait for the device to power down, and then hit the ignition again.

    I'd say it worked for me about 75% of the time, and I went through two different units so I don't think it was just the particular unit I got.

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