How about some awful jokes



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    Kusuguttai wrote: »
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    Well it's actually

    Et tu

    so......yeah nice try though

    at least e tu is italian for and you
    eu isnt anything

    But it's "et" instead of "e" because it's Latin, not modern Italian.

    EDIT: Referencing that he has "corrected" it to "e" as of this posting.

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    This joke is better spoken than read...

    A Chinese man comes home from working in the fields. He's battered, bruised, and covered in excrement. He calls his three sons together and says, "Which of my three sons pushed outhouse over cliff?"

    The sons look at each other in shock. The Chinese man sighs and says, "I tell you story. George Washington was mischievous little boy before he was great leader, but he never told lie. One day, he chop down his father's faaaaavorite cherry tree. His father come home and say, 'George Washington! Did you chop down my faaaaaavorite cherry tree?' and George Washington say, 'Father, I cannot tell lie, I chop down your faaaaaavorite cherry tree.' George Washington's father so happy that George Washington tell truth, he give him great reward. Now. Which of my three sons pushed outhouse over cliff?"

    The oldest son looks at his father says, "Father, I cannot tell lie. I push outhouse over cliff."

    The Chinese man picks up a bamboo cane and starts beating the crap out of his son. When he finally gets tired, his son looks at him all pathetic and whimpers, "But Father! I tell truth! Why you beat me instead fo reward me like George Washington's father?"

    "Because George Washington's father not in cherry tree when George Washington cop it down!"

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