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Wedding gifts and packaging.

FightTestFightTest Registered User regular
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My sister is getting married in about a week. We're not really close and I see her a couple times per year on holidays and really all I know is she usually brings wine (white, I think, I don't drink so never really looked). So I got them a couple bottles of nice wine as a wedding gift. A white that's drinkable now (though storable) and a red that should be stored about 10 years (aka a now wine and an anniversary wine). A thoughtful gift for someone I don't know much about, by my estimation.

However what's the deal with wrapping and whatnot? Current plan is to go buy some generic-ish white-ish paper. But then what? Is it like Christmas? Do I put their names on a label or a card or something? I've never had to give a wedding gift before. What am I supposed to do with this brown cardboard box of booze?

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  • Dulcius_ex_asperisDulcius_ex_asperis Registered User regular
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    Aww, that's an awesome gift!

    I'd say wrap it in the white paper, doesn't really need to be fancy, maybe tie a bit of ribbon round with a bow or a premade bow or something. Wedding gifts are usually wrapped a little more .. simply than Christmas/Birthday gifts, because the wrapping is usually a bit plainer.

    Something to take into consideration: You may want to ask her if she'd like you to bring it by the house before or after the wedding. It's pretty customary to send/take gifts by the bride's house before the wedding, or to the bride & groom's residence afterwards. It allows her to have more time to write individual thank you cards and also makes it so no one is stuck with the somewhat awkward job of bringing home all those gifts from the wedding whilst the happy couple are off on their honeymoon.

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  • PracticalProblemSolverPracticalProblemSolver Registered User regular
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    off-white wrapping paper sounds pretty terrible to me, I'd find something with a nice print, but it depends on your sister. I'd also mark the bottles as well as leaving a note just so they remember you in 10 years. For the note, make it simple, you can just mark the paper but make sure to leave your name, put anything witty you have to say in the guest book.

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  • ihmmyihmmy Registered User regular
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    or you could buy a nice large-sized gift bag to put them in, probably easier than buying a whole roll of paper that you'll never use again. I believe the norm is to put a card in an envelope, write the married peoples name on the outside of the envelope, and attach it to the gift. Make sure you sign the card so they know who to thank

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