Icefrog (Dota guy) Announces VALVE project!!!!



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    P10P10 An Idiot With Low IQ Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    You said that it's 'locked' into DotA, which is not the case.
    Of course having their own engine would allow them to do a lot of stuff, and there's a lot of room for improvement. Namely, actual matchmaking, integrated voicechat, decent graphics, an adjustable camera, etc. Mostly stuff outside of the gameplay, actually.

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    jothkijothki Registered User regular
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    I'm guessing Valve has a lot of distilling to do on this, because I don't understand anything you guys are saying.

    Warcraft 3 had neutral units called creeps sitting around on maps that give a bit of gold to the player that kills them. This mechanic is repurposed in AoSes to give gold rewards to a player that manages to get the last hit on an enemy unit. Since enemies swarm from one side to the other, the best (possibly only) way to get a bunch of gold early on is to follow a pack of ally units around, wait for them to get into a battle, then get in as many last hits as you can, since the ally units get no benefit from them whatsoever.

    Denying is sniping your own units that are about to die, so that your enemies can't last hit them, and also get less experience from the kill since whatever mechanic is behind experience gain gives their side less credit for the kill.

    By default, Warcraft 3 lets you force attack anything on your side, meaning that there's no easy way to prevent people from killing their own side's units to prevent the enemy from benefiting from their deaths. However, Warcraft 3 has a relatively powerful scripting engine, meaning that you can do pretty much anything if you throw enough scripting at it.

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    DanraxDanrax Registered User regular
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    my best guess is an FPS DOTA.

    if that makes any sense.

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    FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
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    DotA is fun and all, but the game does rely on you doing a lot of tedious unfun shit to have a decent match. Stuff like recipe memorization (experiment with weapons without knowing exactly what the best ones for your character are? Haha no that'll get you fucked), last hitting, god especially last hitting...these aren't just things you have to do to get a marginal increase of power in your favor. These are necessary, asinine tasks.

    That and yes, DotA has the most horrid community known to man.

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    S.S. Registered User regular
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    I know the joke is old, but...

    Hitler discussing DOTA

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