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That_GuyThat_Guy I don't wanna be that guyRegistered User regular
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I have a 50 man vent server that I would to offer to the PAX community to use. If you have an urge to chat with your fellow socially maladjusted nerds, feel free to join.

Port: 2360

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    BigRedBigRed Seattle, WARegistered User regular
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    If people want to chat they just hop on IRC and then the IRC tiny chat if voice is wanted.

    We had a vent sever for a while but people lost interest. It was attempted to be resurrected a few times but fell on its face in light of tinychat.

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    <MoeFwacky> besides, BigRed-Worky is right
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    iamconfidenceiamconfidence Registered User regular
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    Yeah, in addition to that there's that Dolby Axon product they released a beta candidate for we could all be hooking up in. If people are genuinely interested in VOIP, I've got a Teamspeak server hosted on a privately owned box that's one hop off of a major backbone through a fiber connection too.

    Lots of communication options, but IRC is the shizzle. :P

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