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Half-Minute Hero!

BehemothBehemoth Registered User regular
edited October 2009 in Games and Technology

Half-Minute Hero is my favorite PSP game of the year so far. Not a huge achievement by any means, but I noticed there was no thread for it and I want to correct this injustice!

For those of you not in the know, Half-Minute Hero is a game where you must, among other things, save the world in 30 seconds! The main mode, Hero 30 and it's various sequels, involve a spell that someone is going around teaching Evil Lords that will end the world in 30 seconds, leaving you, a standard JRPG hero, with precious little time to grind levels, not to mention reach their evil castle

Luckily, time stops when you go into town, and you can pray at Time Goddess statues to reset your time limit, but it costs more and more for each use. You can buy equipment, get in random encounters, talk to villagers, and do all sorts of JRPG-y stuff, but it's all been compressed to fit into 30 seconds. You don't control your character in battles, there's no time, he just runs into enemies until they die. Messages flash across the screen at blazing speed, you gain levels after almost every battle.

Ah, but at it's core, it is a puzzle game. Each "quest" (there are about 50, with branching paths) has 2 "achievements", special titles you can try to get. And some branching paths can only be reached by completing certain objectives, or not completing other objectives.

To me, this mode would be enough to carry the game, but there are 3 more!

Evil Lord 30
A 30-second RTS. You must summon units and complete a certain objective, you can buy time from the time goddess at barrels, for some reason. An interesting concept, but kind of sloppy.

Princess 30
a 30-second shooter. This is a weird one. You right on a palanquin carried by soldiers and you must use your rapid-fire crossbow to kill monsters and complete missions for townsfolk. Fun, but again, not as deep as the main mode.

Knight 30
A 30-second action RPG. You must protect a sage for 30 seconds so he can cast a spell to kill all the monsters. More in-depth than Evil Lord or Princess, you can build tools to trick the monsters, or just ram into them, or just pick up the sage and run away as fast as you can.

There are some other hidden modes that I won't spoil in the OP.

So, anyone else pick this up? Or did I somehow miss the existing thread?

Behemoth on


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