Help me fix my PS2?

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My husband and I bought my sister's old PS2 and accesories from her when we were home over break. We were very excited about this, and planned each other's Christmas presents accordingly (I got him the two more recent Prince of Persia games, he got me Guitar Hero).

However, when we tried to plug in and play the DDR games my sister gave us along with the console, we found that the system wouldn't read the memory card she'd provided. So we went out and bought a new memory card and tried again the next day - but it wouldn't read that one either. Apparently something is wrong with the card reader itself. We tried blowing dust or what-have-you out of it, but to no avail. :(

So, my questions to H/A are: is this something that's likely to be fixable? Who should I try taking it to first, Geek Squad or the local pre-played game store? How much is it likely to cost to fix?

Thanks for any and all advice you can give.

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  • Kewop DecamKewop Decam Registered User regular
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    sounds like it's busted and won't work ever. The only way to fix this would be to send it to sony, but since it's used it's gonna cost you. Have you asked your sister about this? Do both slots no work?

    EDIT - Don't take it to Geek Squad because they'll look at you funny seeing how they fix computers and not videogame consoles. I don't know any big chain stores that could help this problem really.

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    I think that Electronics boutique/gamestop can fix consoles. I know that the ones around here sell refurbished machines.

    but i don't know if they'll fix one for you, or what kind of labor costs you're looking at if they do. Your best bet would probably be to give them broken one and use the credit towards another.

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    Independent used videogame stores tend to offer repair services. That's the only means I know of. I highly recommend against sending it to Sony to fix it, though.

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    try the second slot. maybe the first one is just loose or something...

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