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I'm looking into planning my semester/year abroad, and being an English major while also being inclined towards music and film, Great Britain seems to be the best fit. I'm a sophomore now, which means that I'll certainly take the time abroad as a junior.

My first pick at the moment is the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The city and school seem to be the perfect fit, since there are a ton of opportunities for writing, film, and theater - not to mention a good half dozen international festivals in those areas that are so well-attended that the city's population doubles. The school has a very good reputation in the humanities too.

However, some of the best festivals and city-wide events happen during the summer, and the fall semester doesn't begin until October. If I'm going to school there in October, then I really want to be there for the summer too - maybe even work one of the festivals!

So I need to know a few things, and I don't want to wait for the college career center to tell me in February, because by then at least a few more local opportunities will have gone by. How do I get a work visa? What kind of jobs are available for a guy with my limited experience (teenage jobs in high school, worked for a prof last year, run a few clubs at school now)? What're the best lodging options for students in the UK? Would either my own college (Amherst College) or the university of Edinburgh help me with any of this?

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