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email / spamming?

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I have started getting lots of "returned mail" messages and out of office autoreplies for messages I have not been sending from my email account.

Somehow, spammers are sending emails and using addresses from my domain. Messages that are bounced back to me will have my domain name and some prefix as the "sent from" address.

(1) How has this happened?
(2) Is it actually my server that is sending the messages or are they spoofing the address?
(3) How can I stop this happening if at all?

Thanks in advance for any H/A

*edit* just found this after a long google search

Someone Hijacked My E-Mail Address

At least once a week I receive an e-mail from a dumbfounded reader wondering how someone is sending spam with their e-mail address on it. Another burning question: Why they are getting undeliverable mail notices for e-mail they did not send?

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent someone from sending spam using your e-mail address as the return address--just as you can't stop someone from mailing a letter using your street address as the return address. The good news is that spammers usually borrow an e-mail address for a short time and move on to another victim quickly.

To be sure a virus isn't camped out on your PC and using your account to send e-mail, you should update and run antivirus software. Worms and Trojan horses sometimes pull data from address books and "spoof" the e-mail address and subject line of a message so it appears to come from you. Spoofed e-mail that fakes your address as the sender goes out to hundreds of e-mail addresses. Some of those e-mail addresses don't exist, and messages are bounced back to the address listed as the sender: you.

Spoofing a return address is illegal. Online retailer has filed 11 lawsuits against online marketers in the U.S. and Canada, alleging that they misuse the Amazon name when sending e-mail advertisements. Earthlink shut down the notorious Buffalo Spammer after he sent 825 million messages in a year using a spoofed reply e-mail addresses.

I guess I solved my own problem?

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