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Xbox 360 Ethernet Troubles

KusuguttaiKusuguttai __BANNED USERS regular
edited October 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
alright, my dad just hooked up the computer to a fancy schmancy 2wire brand modem/ethernet hub. the only problem is, i can't access xbox live when my computer is hooked up to it. It keeps saying that it can't get an ip address from the router, and I've reset everything and done everything the silly microsoft troubleshooting thing told me to do and i got bupkiss

can you help a brother out

Kusuguttai on


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    MisterGrokMisterGrok Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    Are you sure it's a modem/hub and not a modem/router?

    Try a different cable. If not that, and it actually is a router, make sure that DHCP is set correctly on your router, your computer, and your xbox. If your PC is set-up with a specific IP and your xbox is also set-up the same, then you are going to have problems. If it's a hub then there's a possibility your ISP may not be keen to grant more than one IP to the same modem.

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