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XP System Restore Issue Resolved

NailbunnyPDNailbunnyPD Registered User regular
I'm repairing an XP install, after the SYSTEM registry file was corrupted. I was able to attach the drive to another computer, gain access to the System Volume Information folder, and pulled some recent backups from the System Restore directories.

When I reattached the drive to the original PC, it booted up fine, but when I went to do a proper System Restore, it only had a restore for that immediate boot. It listed none of the former 500+ restore points. Further inspection revealed that it created a new _restore{####} folder. The former one exists, but the OS is not looking there.

Is there a way to correct this, or merge them? Thank you in advance.

(edit: resolved) Coincidentally, copying the RP### folders from the older _restore{###} folder to the new seems to have done the trick. From what I can gather, the volume IDs changed on the partitions or hard drive either when I attached it to the other PC or when chkdsk ran after I reinserted it into the laptop.

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