How much should I pay for a Famicom?

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As the title says. Something odd happened a couple of months ago and I now find myself in possession of a Famicom cartridge for Final Fantasy 3. Being somewhat intelligent, I've found the converter and can play it on my NES; however, I'm now considering buying other Famicom cartridges, and I don't especially want to have to plug the game into the converter and then into the NES, especially if I have more than, say, 3.

I can think of at least 3 only-in-Japan games I want.

Which brings me here. I've gone through the few places I know; ebay and craigslist, mostly. For the most part, however, I'm not overly sure where to begin.

And so I turn to you, Penny-Arcade. I know some of you have Famicoms. How much did you pay for yours? When did you buy it? Where did you find it? Were there any problems making it work?

(I feel this is a better fit in Moe's, but if a mod feels it belongs in G&T, who am I to argue?)

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    hmmm... a quick ebay search shows them selling for over $100. Personally, I wouldn't pay that much and would settle on emulation.

    The most I would pay for a complete Famicon system would be about $50.

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