On HDCP and the removing of said subject.

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Looking into a Blackmagic Intensity Pro for Lets Play purposes, it saddens me to see that there is no HDCP support however. This isn't a real problem, seeing as how I could just use component, but it would be nice to use HDMI from my PS3 and Xbox 360. Does anyone have experience in this area? HDFury was the first thing to pop up, however this makes it into VGA which this thing doesn't really support. Can I get a clean HDMI signal to the Blackmagic?

Also, I just thought about this... I assume the 2nd HDMI is an output so I can play on my monitor while recording? At least I hope it works like that. I realize that this card is actually for like, HD camcorders but yeah.
Thanks ya'll.

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    Read a bit more, this thread really helped.

    I have no problem with component, however should I look for another solution? Seeing as how, I'm sure component will die off eventually. Also, just FYI, this card would also be used for capturing old VHS home movies. It looks like it can do that too.

    I apologize for being all over the place, you're basically reading my thoughts while I decide haha. Basically I'm asking is there another device that can record through HDMI / composite / component and support HDCP? It seems there is no such device and I'm out of luck. FURTHER EDIT: I think I can settle with this thing, Component is fine, and for the sake of size I wouldn't record in 1080 anyway. And besides, it doesnt even do 1080p, which is the only advantage that HDMI has. Or is that Bluray only? I think games can do 1080p through component right? Hmmm..... And furthermore, what game runs in native 1080p anyway? Besides like, Wipeout HD.

    THE 10000th EDIT: OH, how do I use the PS3 on my monitor with component then? Can I still output the video to my monitor through the HDMI output? I thought it was too laggy to actually play the stream on the computer? I see that component also has a component output, which is nice, but I also read that its fast enough to record and play at the same time. Neato! But is my HDD fast enough? Haha.

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