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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Strange and Embarrassing Moments: "You smell of oth

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Below is chronicled the story of one "Crazy Naked Bitch."

This story just keeps getting better and better as the spoilers unfold.

And you won't believe the plot twist at the end.
Post: Strange and Embarrassing Moments: "You smell of other pussies."
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Posted by: skarsol
Original Content:
So, I promised more, and since these threads made me remember most of the details of the Saga of Crazy Naked Bitch that I had previously mercifully repressed, I guess I have to share it. It's all *your* fault so you'll have to forgive the length. I'm sure I'll regret this at some point, but here it is.

It was Freshman year of college, so over ten years ago. I think it was still first semester even. I was working part time at a local comic/gaming shop in order to finance my absurd comic book habit. I had semi-recently turned in my V-card, but was definitely less than experienced in opposite sex interaction.


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