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Google Wave

RdrRdr RiderRegistered User regular
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Thought I'd start a topic to collect people who have Google Wave. I'm sure as time goes on leading into PAX East most people interested in Wave will have an account.

Moe and Dave have Wave and they'll be posting information about the CCST and Trading Cards there for everyone interested. Also, there have been some talk about a big PAX East wiki entry in Wave.

I gave my last 4 invites out in IRC last night. If someone has invites and wants to hand them out to the community leave a reply or a hit me up with a PM saying you have invites.

If you want an invite you can leave a reply and I'll put your name on the people wanting invites list.

Master List - PAX Forum Name: Rdr - PAX Forum Name: PeasantDave

Needing an Invite for Google Wave
None yet.

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