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The seventh version of a popular computer program, now out of beta

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Talkin' bout AIM up ins.


AIM 7 went gold recently, and it's got a plethora of fancy web 2.0 features. You can change the appearance to such themes as "RROAR!", "Prepster" (guess which one I'm using), and even "I Love Desk". You can make your user icon bigger and better than before, ladies. And, on top of that, you can integrate AIM, Facebook, and Twitter, so your AIM buddies can learn when you're pooping.

More importantly, you can have hilarious conversations. That's what this thread is about! Having those conversations and then posting them!
seizureorbs (12:36:57 AM): oh uh sorry
alexpro630 (12:37:02 AM): how dare you
alexpro630 (12:37:11 AM): you are uninvited to my birthday party
seizureorbs (12:37:15 AM): fuck
seizureorbs (12:37:28 AM): I'm just gonna open your present myself now
seizureorbs (12:37:32 AM): oh my god this is delicious
seizureorbs (12:37:39 AM): you would've loved this
alexpro630 (12:37:46 AM): What was it?
alexpro630 (12:37:52 AM): Why did you buy me a present so soon?
seizureorbs (12:38:00 AM): because I care for you so deeply
alexpro630 (12:38:30 AM): Can you tell me what it was?
seizureorbs (12:38:57 AM): I baked you a pie
seizureorbs (12:38:59 AM): or
seizureorbs (12:39:06 AM): I baked myself a pie
seizureorbs (12:39:07 AM): jerk
alexpro630 (12:39:13 AM): that's cool
alexpro630 (12:39:17 AM): I am swimming in pies
alexpro630 (12:39:20 AM): I didn't need yours
seizureorbs (12:39:27 AM): : (
alexpro630 (12:39:55 AM): I'm just going to put another pie in the spot I was saving for you
alexpro630 (12:02:04 AM): An astragal
alexpro630 (12:02:10 AM): The Ultimate Astragal
The Lady Nelson (12:02:21 AM): What
The Lady Nelson (12:02:23 AM): are those edible
The Lady Nelson (12:02:26 AM): is it a monster
alexpro630 (12:02:38 AM): Nope
alexpro630 (12:02:43 AM): It keeps the weather out
alexpro630 (12:02:51 AM): Especially for french doors
The Lady Nelson (12:03:06 AM): it is crown molding for door frames?
The Lady Nelson (12:03:09 AM): so disappointed
alexpro630 (12:03:11 AM): If you have a french door I would wholeheartedly recommend the Ultimate Astragal
The Lady Nelson (12:03:15 AM): I don't!
alexpro630 (12:03:30 AM): Lame
alexpro630 (12:03:37 AM): How about a patio door
alexpro630 (12:03:42 AM): (they are different)
The Lady Nelson (12:03:43 AM): pardon me, I meant to type "moulding"
The Lady Nelson (12:03:44 AM): No
The Lady Nelson (12:03:47 AM): Well yes
The Lady Nelson (12:03:48 AM): but also no
The Lady Nelson (12:03:51 AM): it isn't mine, you see
alexpro630 (12:04:14 AM): Right
alexpro630 (12:04:19 AM): Maybe build a house
The Lady Nelson (12:04:25 AM): Maybe I wilL!

Or maybe we could have WILD and CRAZY conversations right now. My screenname is alexpro630 because I used to think numbernames were cool, and I would like to chat with some of you people. You should post your screennames!

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