Week o Games, 10/25: DJ Hero, PC borderlands, R&C CiT, Forza 3, Tekken 6, Torchlight



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    UnbreakableVowUnbreakableVow Registered User regular
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    Henroid wrote: »
    Why am I not seeing a thread for DJ Hero on the forum? My roomie just came home with it and it's amazing.

    We are using the Guitar Hero thread for it. And will be doing the same for Band Hero.

    There are too many Hero games for each to have their own thread, really. We'd have to make a sub-forum.

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    brynstarbrynstar Registered User regular
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    I bought Torchlight this week. It's everything I want out of a Diablo game. I also picked up Fairytale Fights. The graphics and art style are incredible, the gameplay is your average brawler.

    I haven't been posting much as I've actually been playing games with my free time! It's startling.

    Tekken 6 looks surprisingly good to me, I might have to pick it up once things cool down a little bit, maybe in early December.

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