WinX DVD Ripper Video Conversions - Need help with Quality/Size

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So I've got the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum program (free from CNet back in September).

I've got some DVDs with a lot of music videos on them, and I want to convert them all onto my Zune so I can mix and match music videos from different DVDs. (These are promotional use youth ministry DVDs that I have permission for use for this)

I'm converting them to MP4 files, but I'm trying to keep them as high quality as possible. They're only music videos at 3-4 minutes long, so size doesn't really get large, and I have a Zune 120, so space isn't an issue, but I can't seem to get the quality up to par with the DVD video stream. The blacks turn grey and the colors wash out and I can see artifacting on my 20" monitor, I can't imagine if they'd look good through the projector at 100+" on a wall.

My current quality settings:
Audio: 256kbps 48k AAC
Video: 2400kbps
Using "High Quality Engine" (whatever that means) and keeping original size and aspect ratio.

I've seen a decent improvement in quality as I had half the kbps on the video before, but how high should I realistically go? Is there a better way to really pull the straight DVD quality and size from the DVD without compromising it?

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    I think DVDs are roughly 6000 kbps, but I could be horribly misremembering that.

    Edit: Well, VLC says my "input bitrate" is about 7000 kb/s, so, give that a try.

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