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[Game on?] Warhammer: Mark of Chaos RTS

mlsxmlsx Registered User
edited January 2007 in Games and Technology
Warhammer: Mark of Chaos created by Bandai Namco Games out in stores NOW!

Mark of Chaos brings the tabletop fantasy game Warhammer and RTS similar to that of Rome Total War mixed with Warcraft 3 together.

[Intro FMV]

Unlike other RTS games, Mark of Chaos has a few unique features such as;

- No construction of faction buildings to produce troops.
- Units can capture buildings and be garrisoned inside them.
- Units flee when their morale is broken.
- Fortress mode. Lay seige to an enemy fortress.
- All units can gain levels (Heros up to level 40 - Regiments up to level 3) which can increase the unit count for a particular regiment or improve a Hero's abilities.
- Duel system. When to opposing Hero Units meet each other in combat a fiery circle surrounds them (Making them invincible to outside interference), during the duel the Heros can use their dueling abilities (Which they gain from leveling up) or flee from battle.
- No dice or pointy red sticks.

Mark of Chaos has a single player campaign divided into two chapters; The Empire Chapter and The Chaos Chapter.

In the Empire Chapter you play the role of Captin Stefan Von Kessel whose grandfather was a worshipper of Chaos, consequently his family was stripped of all of their titles and wealth and he bears the scars of suspicion. As Von Kessel you must try to remove the reminants of the Chaos threat in the Empire.

In the Chaos Chapter you play the role of Thorgar the Blooded One, a barbarian champion who has received a vision from the Chaos Gods. Now Thorgar must assemble a horde of Chaos warriors and re-lay seige to the city of Kislev where a previous champion of Chaos was slain.

In Mark of Chaos you get to play with four Warhammer races; The Empire, Chaos, The High Elves, and The Skaven.

The Empire is the greatest bastion of Human civilisation, they worship the God of Sigmar and are sworn enemies of the Chaos Hordes.

Units Available;
Swordsmen, Halberdiers, Handgunners, Flagellants, Huntsmen, Greatswords, Pistoliers, The Reiksguard (Knightly order), The Knights Panther (Knightly order), Knights of the Blazing Sun (Knightly order), Greatcannon, Helblaster Volley Gun, Captain (Hero), Warrior preist of Sigmar (Hero), Jade Wizard (Hero), Bright Wizard (hero), Elector Count (Hero - can mount a Griffon).

Barbarians of the Northlands, they worship the Chaos Gods and seek to destroy the Empire.

Units Available;
Warhounds of Chaos, Marauders, Marauder Axe Throwers, Warriors of Chaos, Knights of Chaos, Chaos Furies, Plaguebearers, Bloodletters, Spawn of Chaos, Wyrdspawn, Aspiring Champion (Hero - Choose either Undivided, Nurgle or Khorne Gods), Undivided Sorcerer (Hero), Deamon Prince (Hero), Hellcannon.

High Elves
Legolas clones.

Units Available;
Spearman, Archers, Silver Helms, Shadow Warriors, Ellyrian Reavers, Swordmasters of Hoeth, Repeater Bolt Thrower, Commander\Prince (Hero), Light Mage (Hero), Light Archmage (Hero), Dragon Prince (Hero).

Mutated rat creatures that seek to conquer the surface world.

Units Available;
Clanrats, Giant Rats, Stormvermin, Gutter Runners, Plague Censer Bearers, Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Rat Ogres, Warplock Jezzails, Warpfire Throwers, Warp Lightning Cannon, Screaming Bell, Warlock Engineer, Assassin (Hero), Warlord (Hero), Grey Seer (Hero).

You can also recruit mercenaries including Dwarven Rangers to Night Goblins and Giants.

You can also Customise your own Warhammer army (Paintscheme) and play with them online with other people via a device called the internet.


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http://www.markofchaos.com/warhammer.php - Offical website.

mlsx on


  • JWFokkerJWFokker Registered User
    edited January 2007
    So was it good? It got decent reviews but they made it sound boring.

    JWFokker on
  • ShujaaShujaa Registered User
    edited January 2007
    Dawn of War ruined me for this game :(

    Shujaa on
    Balefuego wrote: »
    When I play FPS games I just assume my dude is inside a tiny plane and he's sticking his arm out the window with a gun.
  • FiatilFiatil Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I was hoping for Warhammer:Total War. I was disappointed.

    Fiatil on
    Cronyx wrote:
    Also, it isn't representative of "my actual self" either. That's technically my LARP character.
    Steam: Fiatil
    Summer 2017 Ark Server
  • mlsxmlsx Registered User
    edited January 2007
    I preferred this game to Dawn of War (never liked 40k anyway). There are a few early issues such as the camera controls but you can get used to them.

    mlsx on
  • Bew! Bew! Bew!Bew! Bew! Bew! Registered User
    edited January 2007
    I thought this game was alright. Would've been better if the siege maps didn't completely bug out on me. Some graphical issues elsewhere as well, but it can make the siege maps unplayable.

    What I could play was fun though.

    Bew! Bew! Bew! on
  • thorpethorpe Registered User
    edited January 2007
    Pretty fun in beta, but I never got a chance to actually go out and buy it. I will have to change this state of affairs.

    thorpe on
    edited January 2007
    Fiatil wrote:
    I was hoping for Warhammer:Total War. I was disappointed.

    Yeah, same here...

    It would have been the best game ever...

    PotU on
  • PiptheFairPiptheFair Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    did they finally work out the horrible, horrible bugs?

    PiptheFair on
    Skayel wrote:
    One time, I had a friend over to play a bit of Red Alert on my LAN. During the game he said he needed to go to the bathroom, so we paused it. After about 10 minutes of wondering where the hell he went, I get up and go to check on him.

    Turns out he was trying to screw my dog.
    Once I was taking a poop at a restaurant and a kid crept underneath the door into my stall. I let out a big fart and then he threw up all over the floor in front of me and I just stared at him.
  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I was pretty disappointed, though I've been playing the single-player here and there.

    It's not that the game is really horrible, it's just that it was a good foundation with a lot of promises that just didn't live up to its own potential. It could have been like Dawn of War: a titanically great game and solid evolution for the genre (in this case, non-buildy RTSes) but just didn't finish anything it started.

    Overall, I think the game still has potential through patches and an expansion; I'm hesitant to touch multiplayer until rulesets are released that restrict what players can take (Warhammer-style Core or Rare choices). It's also optimized quite poorly, though much, much better than beta and release.

    Though most of the bugs are gone and the game is playable, it still suffers from the occasional hang or driver issue. Between that and the old-school linear campaign it feels like an incomplete game, but one that had (and still has) a fair amount of potential to improve.

    Morskittar on
  • JWFokkerJWFokker Registered User
    edited January 2007
    I just hope Mark of Chaos more like tabletop Warhammer than Dawn of War was. DoW is so disappointing because it was a super simplified RTS that just happened to be set in the WH40k universe. A total waste in my opinion.

    JWFokker on
  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    JWFokker wrote:
    I just hope Mark of Chaos more like tabletop Warhammer than Dawn of War was. DoW is so disappointing because it was a super simplified RTS that just happened to be set in the WH40k universe. A total waste in my opinion.

    In some ways it's a bit closer, but unlike Dawn of War it doesn't really add anything. Whether or not you appreciated DoW's "RTSing" of the Warhammer 40k game, it did add elements that some players like in a video game. Mark of Chaos didn't do this in the least, and the core tabletop mechanics don't provide much to do while playing the game.

    Also, a lot of key TT components; flanking, unit formations, and all that are really watered down or not there. Units can walk right through each other, shoot into combat freely, and flanking is of dubious value. The sum effect is a game where you just don't do much. Though maneuvers and flanking help a bit, they're trumped by massing up the best troops you have with some uber-characters and blindly throwing them at the enemy.

    Morskittar on
  • CherrnCherrn Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Just tell me: is it as good as Dark Omen?

    Cherrn on
    All creature will die and all the things will be broken. That's the law of samurai.
  • Zetetic ElenchZetetic Elench Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    Cherrn wrote:
    Just tell me: is it as good as Dark Omen?

    Dark Omen was underrated. I went into this hoping it'd recapture a little of that flavour, but it didn't. At all.

    I miss watching cannonballs plough through zombies.

    Zetetic Elench on
  • JWFokkerJWFokker Registered User
    edited January 2007
    That sounds disappointing. I'd hoped after all the Total War games, we'd at least get flanking and formations done right as an industry standard.

    JWFokker on
  • RoshinRoshin My backlog can be seen from space SwedenRegistered User regular
    edited January 2007
    I was very disappointed in this, but I haven't given up entirely yet. I'm hoping they can breathe some life into it with some patches.

    Roshin on
  • leafleaf Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    So...I'm gonna play some dota, who's with me!

    leaf on
  • PikaPuffPikaPuff Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    there's no UI in those screenshots. Not really gameplay screenshots; just pretty shots.

    PikaPuff on
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