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Missing Comics from the Early Days

CatsiCatsi Registered User new member
It's been years since I read the old PA comics, but today felt like a good time to relive my experiences by going back to the beginning and visiting PA's origins.
However I've noticed that the entire beginning of the website is perforated in either missing comics, or incorrect URLs.

If you click "First", then you'll get the first strip no problem. Clicking "Next" twice will reward you with "No Comic/Newspost for this issue" for each click. Then you'll get the John Romero/Hotdog comic. Then another two "No Comic/Newspost for this issue"
In fact until all contain the same message until the Myth III explosion. This continues for a long time. I didn't check to see where it stops, though it did seem to become less frequent.

I just mention this, because anyone new to this strip might find it a little disconcerting to encounter such a consistent error message.

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  • CatsiCatsi Registered User new member
    edited October 2009
    Oh, and I found a particularly large gap of error messages between and

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  • ButlerButler 89 episodes or bust Registered User regular
    edited October 2009
    This is a side effect of the recent upgrades to the site. It's explained in more detail here, but basically when you click the "next comic" button, the archive is set up to move to whatever is the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday date . In the early days of PA the updates were far from regular, so you get a lot of "not found" errors because the archive tries to pull up a comic that doesn't exist. The good news is that all the comics are still there, it's just a little slower to move between them.

    Alpha is aware of the problem, but he's a busy penguin/monkey so it's a pretty low priority on his to-do list for the site.

    If you've noticed any other errors with the comics, I'd recommend reading through the entirety of that thread I linked to to see if they appear there first. If they don't, that's where you should post about them.

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