Best lan party games?



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    RSPRSP Registered User regular
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    For LAN games, my favorite game is without a doubt http://www.urbanterror.net. It is free, it runs on the Quake 3 engine and thus works fine on a pretty old machine. There's a .zip download that has the binaries for all operating systems.

    Give it a try. Gameplay seems simple at first, then as you get better at walljumping, powersliding, etc it gets pretty crazy.

    Holy shit people still play UrT? Did it ever make it to Enemy Territory?

    The original Q3 mod is near dead but the ioQ3 version actually has a pretty solid player base online. You can easily find good 32 player servers.

    It's not on ET and I guess it never will be, but did you ever try True Combat:Elite? It was a mod for ET. At this point I can't think of a game deader than that one, but it was fun times back in the day.

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    GrisloGrislo Registered User regular
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    Grab some cheap old FPS games, like Serious Sam and Shogo. Someone already mentioned AvP.

    Since you've mentioned Nox, how about Dark Stone? Another old Diablo clone, which I first played at a lan party. I remember it being lots of fun in multiplayer, and very hectic for some reason.

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    TrynantTrynant Maniac Brawler Rank 20.100 and full WildRegistered User regular
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    Pick a Unreal Tournament (I personally prefer the first from 1999 and like 3 the least), then go find the million mods and maps for it.

    You're set.

    Oh, and the original Unreal Tournament has a demo. It comes with the full level editor and mod tools. You can mod the demo.

    EDIT: And really, the first Unreal Tournament is the one to pick. Just too many good maps and mods and fun to be had. Add lowest system reqs. and you're in for fun.

    Well....I guess 2004 isn't bad.

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    FremFrem Registered User regular
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    Rise of Nations is an amazing LAN RTS, but it's not free and the Windows and Mac versions of the game aren't compatible in network games.

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    -Loki--Loki- Don't pee in my mouth and tell me it's raining. Registered User regular
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    My friends and I lost too many hours playing the original CoD and it's expansion at LANs. Particularly this Neunen map I found based on Band of Brothers which for some reason struck a cord with everyone.

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    This thread is 3 weeks old 0_o

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    I have a podcast about Digimon called the Digital Moncast, on Audio Entropy.
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