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HD/Sat/Streaming Radio.

azith28azith28 Registered User regular
I'm looking for opinons and options on different hardware choices in HD or Satilite Radio. I'm also interested in something that can stream internet radio, so i wont have to be limited to just the local HD stations.

Heres what I have found so far, and I would love to have this confirmed or denied.

HD Radio- Probably wont get a better signal then my normal radio...and limited to my local areas choices.

Serius or XM Radio - Has what i want i think, but Does this pick up a good signal inside an office building? Do i need some kind of antenna that is located near a window or will this work just about anywhere?

Streaming via ipod touch or A laptop - (Not iphone I dont have a cel phone and i dont want a cel phone if i can avoid it.) I might be able to hitch to the wi-fi in my office building, but it will likely be firewalled against radio and tv web pages.

Bluetooth - Same with the iphone since i would need to pay through the nose for a high bandwith connection.

I work in a highrise office building, and am not very close to any windows. Normal radios typically have a very weak if any signal and I'm looking into options to get some radio in my cube.

Thanks for your input.

Stercus, Stercus, Stercus, Morituri Sum
azith28 on
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