Overseas conventioneers?

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Hi :mrgreen:
I live in the UK and would really like to attend either PAX East or Prime, I was just wondering if there are any other people coming from outside the US? And if there's any advice anyone can offer.

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    CuZZaCuZZa Khoo's Epic Mount Perth, AustraliaRegistered User regular
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    I have advice for you - go. Don't think about it, just go. It is awesome. I come from Perth, Australia and do not hesitate to book my tickets back as soon as I can do so. As for travel advice for here -

    - If you're interested in seeing America, give the CCST a try, I did it this year and it was too awesome for words. Road trip with a bunch of fellow geeks with PAX being the prize at the end. You will however develop an strange hatred of Montana and a fondness of boner jokes at 4am.

    - If you just want to see Seattle, come a week early and look around town and partake in the Magical Mystery Tour and Pre-PAX Dinner/Pub Crawl/Triwizard Drinking Tournament. They are very awesome and a bunch of fun. Being over 21 is a must for the latter part but the MMT and Dinner are awesome if not.

    - Get into the community, talk on these forums, come say hi in IRC and get involved. It's the best way to do things as by the time PAX rolls around you have a bunch of new friends there waiting for you to rock up and hang out with. I did this and it has not failed to amaze me how outright awesome these people are. If you're nto a dick and get along with people easy then you'll be gold.

    - Bring a DS with a USB charger cable. And a camera. Also your dice. And anything else that is portable and allows you to game with great people.

    - Oh yeah, your accent is gold here. Not as gold as an Aussie accent, but still works wonders.

    That is all I can think of for now. But being on these forums is the first step to an amazing PAX experience.

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    Sl1pstreamSl1pstream [E] BelgiumRegistered User regular
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    Prime '10 will the 4th time that I travel from Brussels to Seattle. My accent is worthless.

    - Don't bring too much crap: Chances are that you're going to get a ton of swag. Arriving with a suitcase that's already full probably means that you'll have to leave stuff behind. I had this problem in 07 and again this year, when my Splosion Man poster wouldn't fit.

    - What Cuzza said

    - Talk to devs, they're awesome.

    - Have fun and don't be a dick. Seriously. :)

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    ElpelcoElpelco Registered User regular
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    Guess I'd better buy a DS then....

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    TimmyCTimmyC Registered User new member
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    I'm going to go to PAX east from The Midlands UK, PM me if you wanna hook up mate!

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    WillethWilleth Registered User regular
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    Advice-wise, get a US SIM card for your phone, and make sure you're on the Visa Waiver Program well ahead of time if you're eligible. Kropotkin has a thread somewhere in the forum that has all the info you need.

    Also, go. It is so worth it.

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