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I'd like to learn more about electronics

pirate-ardvaarkpirate-ardvaark Registered User new member
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I've been bored and decided I'd like a new hobby. After looking around online and seeing various cool things people have done, I've decided that I'd like to pick up some basic skills in electronics. Understanding schematics on a basic level, and perhaps even learning to program PICs (I work as a computer programmer anyways).

Can anybody suggest some good books and/or websites to start with? Are those "200 in 1 Electronics" kits actually instructional, or are they more meant to amuse little kids with flashing lights and loud beeps?

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    Lucky CynicLucky Cynic Registered User regular
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    Everyone learns a bit differently, I like slow books that gradually introduce me into bigger concepts. These books are often pretty big, and a lot of people get turned off when they see a dictionary sized manual for computers or something. I would just head over to Barnes and Noble or Borders or some major book store that has a wide variety and just browse a few books, read a bit here and there and see which one you would rpefer to have. Alternativly, you can find a good magazine. It's sometimes hard to find a good one but you can learn a lot about lots of stuff pretty quick.

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    sirSolariussirSolarius Registered User regular
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    Are you in school? Is there a community college nearby where you can take classes? That is really the best way to go.

    If not, pick up a good EE textbook and start reading! When you start circuit analysis, there's a bit of physics involved, but it's only as far as you want to go with it.

    This was my intro EE book: linky

    I really really liked it. Start with some basic circuit analysis, learn how inductors/capacitors/resistors work and how fun AC current is. There's also a decent section of the book devoted to digital logic.

    Once you've got that down, learn how to program in C if you haven't already. That'll prepare you for IC programming.

    Finally, get a good book on digital circuits.

    You are now ready to tackle almost anything!!

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    mrcheesypantsmrcheesypants Registered User regular
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    Found this page while trying to figure out how to spell hobbyist. Like any self respecting geek who wanted to learn a thing or two about electrionics at the time I bookmarked it.

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