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Extended Edition of Spidey 2 on FX today

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Nevermind. It seems like there was hardly anything new. It was in fullscreen and they supposedly shortened down some existing stuff to make time for commercials. There was a bit of new stuff added, though. After Peter's b-day party, his talk with MJ in the backyard has some stuff added. I think they filmed this new stuff when they were doing Spidey 3, since the visual quality between the cuts looked kinda inconsistent.

At 7 PM, I believe.

Note: They're gonna use this version to double dip with a new DVD coming out in March to kinda coincide with the coming release of Spidey 3.

EDIT: I guess if you're dying for some extra footage, I guess it'd be worth watching.

I guess it's showing right now for people on the East Coast, eh?

I've still got about an hour and a half left until it airs here...

EDIT: This thread has people talking about what they think was added. Some of it is people mistaking scenes that were always in the movie for new ones, though.

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