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playstation 2 via a tv tuner card?

RericReric Registered User regular
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I'm currently cramped for space right now so I was considering getting a tv tuner card for my computer so that I could use the playstation 2 with my monitor. I guess I'm wondering if this is the only way to do that, and if anybody has had any luck or problems with trying to do this?

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    Descendant XDescendant X Skyrim is my god now. Outpost 31Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    It's possible. My video card has one of those video input dongles with it that can take composite and S-Video inputs. Then you can either use DScaler or the software that comes with the card to view the PS2. It works, but you'll have to fiddle with some settings to get it working 100%.

    I highly recommend picking up some S-Video cables along with that tuner card though. It will look MUCH better than RCA/Composite will.

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    vonPoonBurGervonPoonBurGer Registered User regular
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    What kind of monitor do you have? If it's an LCD panel, it's possible it's got more than one input on the back. I have a Dell widescreen panel, and it's got DVI, VGA and S-Video inputs. If you've got the option to plug the PS2 directly into the monitor, that might be the easiest thing to do. No fiddling with DScaler or other apps to get the picture right, all you'd need to do is switch inputs when you want to play PS2.

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    robaalrobaal Registered User regular
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    In previous threads a thing called GameBridge made by Adaptec was recommended - it's an external USB thingie and supposedly works pretty well. It might also be cheaper or at least not more expensive than a tuner card.

    Of course, if your present video card can already accept video-in then that would be the easiest solution. Most Radeon cards come with VIVO since the X8 series; it's rarer on GeForce cards even, on the series 7 ones.

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    MabaseMabase Registered User regular
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    Get a Leadtek WinFast TV2000 XP Expert, I got it a few months ago, works perfect, no lag and great image. You should also download DScaler and use that rather than the program the card comes with. I also recommend getting a universal cable thing for all consoles that has a s-cable on it by madcatz, I think I got it from GameStop. The card costs about $50 and the s-cable was about 10.

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