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Debate and Discourse: AWESOME POST in "Arguing About [Chat] on Internet", by Senjutsu

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Post: Arguing About [Chat] on Internet
Forum: Debate and Discourse
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Posted by: Senjutsu
Original Content:
Irond Will wrote: »
Elendil wrote: »
is the word Obama itself now a Republican smear

Would you like your chicken extra-crispy, original recipe or Obama-style?

Is Obama-style just original recipe spiked with Hopium?

You fill out a Schedule 22A form indicating which cooked chicken-meat products you wish to receive. A government panel of bureaucrats deliberates for three to five years to determine what parts of your order you are eligible for. Upon the occasion that three point seven five fifths of the panel can compromise on a Finding of Determination In The Matter of The Order of The Cooked Chicken-Meat Products, you are issued a bucket, to be shared with six other families in your community (all black and poor) and receive a facsimile of paragraph 18c of the blue copy of the Federal Bucket Ration Allotment Determination. It assigns you two tiny breasts, and an under-cooked foot.

After eating them, you are told they were made from your Grandmother.

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