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Modern Warfare 2: Still not realistic. (Please lock) (NSF56K)



  • AegeriAegeri Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Mechanical wrote: »
    Bans for it? Give me a fucking break.

    It's mildly annoying at worst, and I've seen games where entire teams use it in Domination. It's actually pretty fun to watch.

    well, it banning is fair on live since "exploiting known or unknown glitches to affect the outcome of the game" is against the T&C.

    dunno about PC/PS3 justification.

    They would have banned virtually everyone who played Gears of War or Gears of War 2 if this was at all the case.

    Aegeri on
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  • LucascraftLucascraft Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    This thread is only at 95 pages. Isn't a new thread a bit premature?

    Lucascraft on
  • 0Replace4Displace0Replace4Displace Northrop's doomed masterpiece. Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Lucascraft wrote: »
    This thread is only at 95 pages. Isn't a new thread a bit premature?

    Luigi had to bail early, and made the new thread before this was capped because he didn't want us to get locked out with no thread.

    Just stop using this one and use the new one.

    0Replace4Displace on
  • Venkman90Venkman90 Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Dangerous wrote: »
    I forgot how much I love the FAMAS. After unlocking the M16A4 I switched to using it almost exclusively. My friend who just prestiged and doesn't have many guns unlocked yet urged me to give FAMAS another try.

    On paper it looks just a tiny bit more accurate than the M16A4, but to me it feels like night and day. I can easily pick guys off from long range using the irons and a silencer now. Is there anyone else here who prefers FAMAS over M16A4?


    I was using the M16 for ages, unlocked everything and had ignored the FAMAS, then I thought I should get some unlocks on it...

    With an ACOG (they are great now) and a Silencer it's the best mid range sniper weapon I have used, on Estate I went 24-3 with it.

    Venkman90 on
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