New Prince of Persia Announced for May '10, Returns to Sands of Time Storyline



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    The 'big guys with big swords' have an attack that can get passed the block, so it's not as useful as you think when there are a few of them. And it's not that useful when I'm surrounded, since I can't get many attacks in before someone else tries to hit me.

    I haven't gotten completely stuck by a fight yet, they're just bloody frustrating. Right now I think I'm ~60% through the game, I'll try finish it tonight so we'll see what happens.

    You can jump those attacks.

    Kinda hard when they're surrounding me and attacking me simultaneously.

    But I finished it this morning. That elevator. That fucking elevator. Almost drove me to insanity before I finally got through it. Overall, the platforming was fantastic but the combat frustrated me quite a bit, though I did get kinda decent at it by the end. Now to start again and wrap up the platinum.

    brynstar: The sound levels are definitely pretty screwed up.

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