What is the best SATA dock?

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I just discovered the world of SATA docks, up until sometime last week I had no idea such a thing even existed, and now I want one.

They work by just plugging them into a USB port and then I can swap in and out drives, right? I usually backup my stuff to an external drive, but that external drive is actually an internal drive so I need to open up my case, wire it up, and do lots of rebooting. I know I could just get an enclosure but that's too much work. With this dock thing I can just pop them in and out as needed, right?

So which one do I want?

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    I bought one last year and never used it. So last week I get a new computer and I need to transfer data from my old HDDs to my new computer. Long story short, loud sparks, burning smell and blown transformer. No HDDs or computer were harmed thankfully.

    What I can recommend is don't buy cheap ones from china. I had this model

    To your questions though, yes you just plug then usb or e-sata. Some models offer network too.

    The models I've seen supported hotswapping as long as you unmount from the pc first.

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