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Shadow Phalla: Return of the Wagon



  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Hippie wrote: »
    kime wrote: »
    Egos wrote: »
    Well if you have to do it, just do it make sure they are completely separate boards next time around :mrgreen:

    But players are usually paranoid, so its probably best to leave it to them.
    Plus, when the host creates the proboards, the players don't get control over the color scheme! And we know that's definitely not good!

    The color scheme of the mafa proboards here is hideous.

    It was kimes board.

    Enough said.

    I put great care in the color schemes of my proboard :) Which would be the only reason I would consider pre-made boards...since a lot of people just go with the default with no avatars (pfah)

    or else something Monty Python-esque
    like Kime

    Egos on
  • Toxic ToysToxic Toys Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Thanks for running this game True. It was fun.

    The whole proboard thing did suck balls.

    Toxic Toys on
    3DS code: 2938-6074-2306, Nintendo Network ID: ToxicToys, PSN: zutto
  • EgosEgos Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    Toxic Toys wrote: »
    Thanks for running this game True. It was fun.

    The whole proboard thing did suck balls.

    I still find the little conversation we had when I first discovered it rather funny.

    I think you were hinting at it and then I finally saw it and my first pm to you was "Oh...WTF" as the topic.

    Egos on
  • ZandraconZandracon Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    jdarksun wrote: »
    ...And yeah. Fuck where there too many mafia. Way too many mafia. The village just couldn't keep up.
    Not actually a big deal. The mechanics of the game (example: your brokenly overpowered ass), for the most part, kept it in check.

    The big problem, in my opinion was using TNB's centralized board. Some of the clever mafia folk figured out that players who started networked would also be on the boards, and lo and behold, they were. Bam, instant network between the two mafias... and shortly thereafter, they converted all the Spies.

    That's why ebum dropped.

    Yeah, noticed kime was logged on at the same time as me and went WHELP.

    Zandracon on
  • LucedesLucedes never stops, never started Registered User regular
    edited December 2009
    i'm responsible for pushing some of our spy-abuse.

    we killed one as a test to figure out who they were,
    then we killed the next one and converted the remaining two.

    Lucedes on
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