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    Munch wrote: »

    So a madman in a pig mask, a group of villainous carnies, and a hero-turned-villain with a bird motif are ridiculous?

    In comparison to who exactly? The killer clown, the alligator man in the sewers, a midget with a Lewis Carroll fixation, another midget who fights with umbrellas, the guy dressed as a scarecrow, or the guy who uses condiments for weapons?

    The Batman mythos is sort of built on kooky characters. If there's one thing I could say Morrison's absolutely done right with his run, it's that he's invented some characters that fit really well within Batman's universe.

    You're probably right about no future writers touching the characters he created though. It's sort of a recurrent theme with his work.

    Sigh. OK, I hate grant morrison, and obviously im in the vast minority. Whatevs. Let's never fight like this again.

    I'm curious as to how different the earth-1 books will really be. I know that the reboot is great for newer readers, who wouldnt be able to fathom the complicated continuity (like me sometimes), but the art they've previewed looks pretty much the same. It's not an elseworlds. So what is it, and why should die-hard readers care? (other than the all-star writers, of course)

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