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Programs Like DVD Profiler for books/cds/etc.

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I'm a DVD collector (or I call it that to make myself feel better for having so many :D) and I love DVD Profiler for organizing and tracking my collection.

but my dad's been looking for a good one for books, and it made me want one for my books/cds/games.

specifics: I want a program, not a website. I want to be able to add by the code on the back, and ideally I would be able to sort by several different criteria including criteria I enter (dvd profiler allows you to do cusom locations which is great for me).

thanks a lot. I'm checking out orangecd and All My Books as we speak but it's impossible to know how they compare to everything else, and that would take a lot of time so I'm trying to focus my search.

oh, books are most important, followed by CDs, and lastly games. my excel file is so boring to look at now that I've gotten accustomed to DVD Profiler.

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