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Room mate searching

CaptainLuffyCaptainLuffy Registered User regular
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In a year or more I'll be moving across the country so I can be closer to my boyfriend. At first we were planning on getting an apartment together, but on my last visit to him during Christmas we talked about it and he said he may not be financially ready to move out. I was a bit bummed, but what can you do? You don't want to be struggling for money at such a young age.

I then decided that I could move in with someone in his area, maybe find a couple girls to rent an apartment with. Rent in his area is pretty cheap, but I don't know how I could find a room mate all the way across the country. My boyfriend said I could move in with his best friend, because his friends roomie may be moving out soon.

tl;dr: If things between his friend and I don't work, how can I search for LEGIT possible roomies?

Edit: Please do NOT come into this topic and say 'What if it doesnt work out? etc etc' I've heard that from everyone and their uncle, so I don't need to hear it again. We've been in this LDR for a year and we feel we can make it.

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    NucshNucsh Registered User regular
    edited January 2007
    It depends what area you're moving to, really.

    Craigslist I guess is an option, though I've never used it for a roommate search. Have your boyfriend check for flyers in the local coffee shops or something, or if he's in college, have him check around campus.

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    khainkhain Registered User regular
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    Use Craiglist and the newspaper and then have your boyfriend go look at the apartment and meet the other roommates.

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