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China continues to be a Champion of Human Rights



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  • CptKemzikCptKemzik Registered User regular
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    (penis joke)

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  • L|amaL|ama Registered User regular
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    Sipex wrote: »
    I hate seinfeld and I still know the soup nazi.

    Maybe you're surrounded by people who don't watch TV or don't like Seinfeld?

    I'm not sure if it even got played on any networks here
    L|ama wrote: »
    tube didn't you make some vague references to working for the mob once

    what was the deal with that

    I did some minor work for a coalition of legitimate businessmen who were blessed with many friends. I didn't work for the mafia. There is no such thing as the mafia.

    No but seriously I didn't work for the mafia.

    well that's not very interesting at all

    L|ama on
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