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Ebay auction for Child's Play Charity

KyloKylo Registered User
edited December 2009 in Debate and/or Discourse
Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure how the best way to go about this would be so I figured making a new thread might be a good way to spread the word. I have recently posted an ebay auction for a signed Penny Arcade comic I recieved back in 2005 from that years E3. The procedes for the auction will be donated to Child's Play with the winner choosing which hospital the proceeds go to from the list on the offical website.

I posted the auction just a little while ago but didn't trust random ebay luck of people finding it so I assumed that posting this on the forums might be a good way to let people know who might be interested. If you are interested then head on over to the ebay link and see if the comic is something you would like to bid on. This is my first attempt at donating to the charity and don't have all that much of my own money to donate since I lost my job back in October.

Auction Link:

Thank you.

Kylo on
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