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[Music] that you don't like, but I do. I AM BEST HIPSTER

JoolanderJoolander The Most Handsome / Best Pilot of the BunchRegistered User regular
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This is the thread for your relatively obscure musical obsessions. The Shit you think no one listens to, but you can't get enough of. even though lots of people have heard of it, because the artists wouldn't be publishing wide enough for you to hear otherwise. THIS AINT THE THREAD FOR YOUR BEST FRIEND'S GARAGE BAND

Me? I prefer Ratatat over everything





Yes, everything

also, Wax Tailor is nice





but of course, nobody but me has heard any of this before now. Thats why it's on youtube

PROTIP: I am asking for artists/songs that are not on the Radio, but ones that you think totally should be

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