Members viewing stays identical

ChenChen Registered User regular
Is it just me or does the displayed amount of members viewing never change? I think it's been like this for weeks.

Chen on


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    FyreWulffFyreWulff YouRegistered User, ClubPA regular
    edited January 2010
    Pretty sure the view count has been stuck for like, 2 years straight now.

    Unless somehow SE++ has managed 208 exact viewers.

    FyreWulff on
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    TossrockTossrock too weird to live too rare to dieRegistered User regular
    edited January 2010
    Yeah I think when Ramius changed it over to caching instead of realtime, he forgot to update the cache... ever

    or something


    Tossrock on
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    RamiusRamius Joined: July 19, 2000 Administrator, ClubPA admin
    edited January 2010

    Thanks for pointing this out. It's not been broken as long as Tossrock and Fyrewulff make it sound, but I think it has been broken ever since the upgrade in September and this is the first that I've noticed it.

    Should be fixed, now!

    Ramius on
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