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  • MrBlarneyMrBlarney Registered User regular
    edited May 2020
    Who has two thumbs and a renewed access to Microsoft Office? (It's me.)

    Twilight Imperium 4th Edition's 6th game on these forums is open for signups.

    MrBlarney on
  • Dex DynamoDex Dynamo Registered User regular
    If anyone is interested in some godly epic D&D style adventures, I've started signups for a play-by-post game of Godbound.

  • ZonugalZonugal (He/Him) The Holiday Armadillo I'm Santa's representative for all the southern states. And Mexico!Registered User regular
    I have decided to start an Eberron play-by-post game here in Critical Failures. The first adventure within it is 2004's The Forgotten Forge, updates to be run through fifth edition.

    "This adventure takes place in Sharn, the City of Towers. It begins, as many incidents in the City of Towers do, with a corpse. A warforged assassin, a mysterious blank book, and an offer from a House Cannith heir leads the adventurers into the depths of Sharn - eventually to an ancient ruin dating back to before the creation of the Kingdom of Galifar. Along the way, if the adventurers are successful, they recover a lost schema - a part of a pattern used by artificers to craft magic items. They also learn that many different agencies are interested in this relic, including those loyal to the various House Cannith elders and agents of the infamous Lord of Blades."

    Spots are open and waiting for those interested.

  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    edited July 2020
    Who wants to break out of Escape Room: The game - Asylum?

    MrBody on
  • The BraysterThe Brayster UKRegistered User regular
    Hey gang, recruitment is now open for a game of Fellowship - a narrative focused storytelling RPG. Click Here

    Steam: TheBrayster
    PSN: TheBrayster_92
  • ChrysisChrysis Registered User regular
    Hot on the heels of @jdarksun @Phyphor @Daemonis and @Auralynx getting devoured by Yog-Sothoth here I've started up a second attempt.

    The new game can be found here. Priority to new players, looking for 4 or 5 investigators.

    Tri-Optimum reminds you that there are only one-hundred-sixty-three shopping days until Christmas. Just 1 extra work cycle twice a week will give you the spending money you need to make this holiday a very special one.
  • DoctorstrongbadDoctorstrongbad Registered User regular
    Is anybody going to be running BattleStar Galatica anytime soon?

  • DoctorstrongbadDoctorstrongbad Registered User regular
    Are games back up and running? I am still interested in BSG.

  • DoctorstrongbadDoctorstrongbad Registered User regular
    Still no updates? I guess no interest in BSG.

  • jdarksunjdarksun Struggler Registered User regular
  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    Looking for interest in starting a PA game of digital Game of Thrones, now that they're released the Dance of Dragons expansion as DLC which cleans up a lot of the original's balance problems (*Balon*).

    Base game is 20% off until Monday, DLC $5.

    Any takers? I would also start a thread chronicling the game as it went on, posting screenshots and accounts of all the public information as it happens. Each individual player could also post their secret information and strategies in spoiler threads for lurkers to follow (with scout's honor in place for all players to not read the spoiler sections of others).

  • PhyphorPhyphor Building Planet Busters Tasting FruitRegistered User regular
    Still no updates? I guess no interest in BSG.
    jdarksun wrote: »
    I've interest, just not something I can run myself.

    Hmm if I find my software I can probably run one again, it's been a while

    I really should push that to github

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